TV / Drama / Biographical

El Cesar

El César, the chronicle of a country that saw the idol fall and a man rise, is a dramatized biographical series that follows the footsteps of the legend of Mexico and the world box, Julio César Chávez. For 13 years, 11 months and 14 days, Julio remained undefeated on top of popular fervor and had it all: family, fame, money at full hands and legions of followers. However, as high is the top as its fall painful. Thus, Julio entered into a privileged world that led him to interact with dangerous drug gangs, to sustain love affairs with famous television stars, to rub shoulders with the highest spheres of the Mexican political power and to get involved in a whirlwind of alcohol and drug addictions. These drugs would end his career and, almost, even his life. Rehabilitated and active in the boxing field, Chávez returns with El César, an exciting series of 26 hour-long episodes that follows the stormy life inside and outside the ring of the Great Mexican Champion, while traveling the difficult path that made him a legend .