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Break The Format Foundation Corp, operating under the banner «BTF AWARENESS» serves as the philanthropic arm for BTF Media, to produce of impactful and inspiring audiovisual content.

BTF Awareness is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization conceived by the visionary directors of BTF Media, Francisco Cordero and Ricardo Coeto, to create independent audiovisual narratives that tackle topics often relegated to the shadows, with the aim of fostering enriching dialogues that may birth fresh perspectives and, ideally, contribute to healing what is broken within humanity.

Our unwavering belief is that these efforts contribute to a safer world, one that cherishes love, life, and diversity. We endeavor to make a positive impact and create a society where empathy and acceptance prevail.


“Our core mission is to utilize the profound impact of audio-visual storytelling to create content that inspires, motivates, and transforms. Through our productions, we aim to raise awareness on critical societal issues, including discrimination, inequality, mental health disorders, pro-life threats, and sexual violence.”

Francisco Cordero


“We embrace the power of audiovisual arts as a catalyst for healing and growth in humanity. While others may perceive darkness, we find the light of life. In the face of limitations, we uncover boundless opportunities. In times of struggle, we extend inclusion, dignity, respect, and compassion, fostering healthier relationships from families to communities.”

Ricardo Coeto

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Break The Format Foundation Corp is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, which means contributions from individuals or corporations are tax-deductible. Additional Perks such as film credits, visits to set, shoutouts, premiere seats, among others, are available for contributors